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Framework for a Fairer future

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There is extensive comment on Kate Phizackerley on General Business Administration but the short comment I have submitted to the BBC reads as follows:

The document fails industry and individuals. Both want people to be treated equally and fairly not as special cases. In practice this leaves some groups more favoured than others – women only Parliamentary shortlists will be allowed but not ones for the disabled, nor for ethnic communities. There is no mention of the mentally ill or transgendered – not equal enough to even be mentioned.

We need equality legislation – but we neeed it to be based on equality not favouring certain groups.

Risk taking in recessions

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Another comment on the Personnel Today Workplace Clinic blog, which this time expanded upon in my General Business Administration blog.

Ethnic minorities in the workplace

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Over on the Workplace Clinic blog on Personnel Today I commented on a article on practical steps which can be taken to improve promotion prospects of ethinic minority women:

In many organisations, pubs bars and clubs form the backbone of after work socialising. It’s easy to overlook the importance of such activity in terms of cementing work relationships, visibility and even diseminating news on what promotion and other opportunities are coming up. Unfortunately alcohol-based socialising excludes certain religious and ethnic groups.

If organisations are serious about promoting equal opportunities this is an area to address, perhaps by establishing a more diverse social programme – which will of course generally be welcomed and improve morale.