It’s easy to see political correctness as a burden if one remains blind to the impact on real people.  Recently a pretty young woman was beaten up by her father.  She lost a number of teeth.  Her cheeks were shattered.  She’s no longer pretty – and that was her father’s specific intention.  Her “crime” was that she was born in a male body and had undergone gender reassignment.  Her own father battered her with the deliberate intention of taking away her looks so that she couldn’t pass as a woman. 
That is transphobia.  That wasn’t in some third world country, that was here in the West where transsexual people are supposedly ‘legally protected”.
“When I read that story, I cried.  I would like to tell you that it is an isolated incident but sadly it seems that isn’t the case. The more I talk to women who have undergone gender reassignment, the more I hear of violence against them, of rape and even the murder of a woman who lived near me.  Apparently transsexual people in the USA are 17x as likely as the national average to be victims of homicide.  I got a small, personal taste of transphobia when a particularly unflattering photo of me attracted comment that I looked like a bloke.  (Note to self – I don’t suit short hair!)  The comments grew increasingly cruel as people tried to outdo each other in their comments. 
Whether we are transsexual or not, women (and in some cases men) suffering this degree of discrimination is not acceptable to anybody with a Christian conscience.  To help draw attention to these injustices I have started a blog called Stop Transphobia at  Posts will be erratic as I hear of issues worth reporting, but please bookmark it and help fight for justice for this vulnerable group of people.

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