I like it!

Ten things I really like:

  1. Ancient Egypt and everything to do with it. That’s why I started my blog at kv64.info to cover the latest news coming out of the Valley of the Kings and the ongoing archaeological explorations.  For the era, the craftsmanship and artistry displayed in some of the objects, temples and tombs is amazing.  Although the pyramids are impressive it is the later New Kingdom to which I am really drawn.
  2. Advertisers who use inserts in newspapers and magazines rather than bound adverts …… as I can just upend my magazine over a bin and “edit out” the rubbish.
  3. Crisps.  Yes, I know it’s not fashionably healthy to like crisps but every girls needs at least one vice.  (My Cambridge tutor used to advise us to acquire at least one new vice a term but, hey, I’m a nice girl!)  I still get excited when a new flavour comes out.  I’m very fond of spring onion flavour but my all time favourite is tomato.  Sadly they are only ever done as special editions – but a temptation avoided is better than a tempation resisted …
  4. so I’ll also own up to enjoying a glass of cider.  I prefer the ones that taste of fruit like Kopparberg, although that isn’t a pursists cider.  It can be hard to find a decent cider, but it is improving.  In a similar view I like Kriek cherry beer.  My local All Bar One now stocks bottles. 
  5. Science Fiction and Fantasy books as they allow ideas to be explored free of this world’s constraints.  I love Iain M Banks’ Culture series of novels for instance and Janny Wurts and Melanie Rawn when it comes to Fantasy.
  6. RomComs.  I know I shouldn’t admit it but I just love films like Mama Mia, Pretty Woman, You Have Mail etc.  Pure female escapism – and all the better if like Notting Hill they have Julia Roberts who is one of my favourite actresses and the scrumtious Hugh Grant.
  7. Music.  My taste is wide and varied.  I’ll try to find some of it and post it on sub-pages.
  8. Coming soon …
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