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France 24: Egyptological Looting Database

Posted in Egyptology on February 9, 2011 by katephiz

Another credit for the Looting Database from France 24, which says:

Egyptophile Kate Phizackerley, runs the Egyptopaedia portal and has set up a collaborative database to catalogue the looting, site by site, and draw up a list of the damaged and missing objects. The aim is to discourage the selling of stolen artifacts.



ICOM Preliminary report on museums in Egypt

Posted in Egyptology on February 5, 2011 by katephiz

The ICOM Preliminary report on museums in Egypt of 3rd February, presenting their initial findings of the damage and risks to Egypt’s historic sites and museums, cites both my News from the Valley of the Kings blog and the new Egyptological Looting Database I set up on 31st January 2011.  The valuable report draws heavilly upon material from the Looting Database website.

Very kindly, the chair of the ICOM Disaster Relief Task Force, Thomas Schuler, also emailed me to say, “thank you very much for your very helpful blog and database!”  It was a lot of work – and continues to be – and it is pleasing that it has been of value to such an important effort.

Discovery News: Headless Egyptian Mummy Mystery Thickens

Posted in Egyptology on February 4, 2011 by katephiz

In an article by Rossella Lorenzi, I was quoted extensively today:

  • “It’s starting to take on the hallmarks of a TV drama like ‘Bones’ or ‘CSI.’ Just who were the two mummies?” Kate Phizackerley, who runs “Egyptological Looting Database 2011,” asked in her blog.
  • “We all feared they could be Yuya and Thuya, but the pictures proved they weren’t,” Phizackerley said.
  • “They might never have been in display,” Phizackerley said

The same article has also appeared on MSNBC and in Swedish on Sydsvanskan:

”Det här börjar likna ett tv-drama som ”Bones” eller ”CSI”. Exakt vilka var de här två mumierna?” skrev Kate Phizackerley, grundare till magasinet Egyptological Online, i förra veckan.

DNA Shows KV55 Probably Not Akhenaten

Posted in Egyptology on May 2, 2010 by katephiz

In an article which has been read by tens of thousands of people I reviewed the DNA evidencs from the KV55 mummy and showed that it is probably not Akhenaten as claimed by Dr Hawass and others.  The article looks at the subject from a statistical point of view and and incorporates known historical facts.

The article was publised on my News from the Valley of the Kings blog

DNA Shows that KV55 Mummy Probably Not Akhenaten

Posted in Egyptology, Genetics on March 3, 2010 by katephiz

I wrote a paper on the genetics of Tutankhamun’s family in response to the academic paper by Dr Hawass at al widely quoted in the media.  Because my paper was published on a blog, I toned down the science somewhat, although my readers still struggled with the genetics.  A genetics professor wrote in support of my analysis so I sent my paper to Dr Pusch (the corresponding author of the original scientific study) and to Dr Hawass, Head of the Supreme Council for Antiquities in Egypt.  The full paper is published on News from the Valley of the Kings.

The paper Ancestry and Pathology in King Tutankhamun’s Family
by Hawass al. (Journal of American Medicine, 2010 – JAMA. 2010;303(7):638-647), states that the mummy in KV55 is “probably” Akhenaten – hereafter “the JAMA paper”. The media has accepted the attribution as affirmed fact, although the attribution has attracted considerable comment and debate with a number of writers questioning the forensic data. I believe, however, that the correct focus of dissent to the attribution should be the STR analysis which shows that the KV55 mummy is highly unlikely to be Akhenaten and that an alternative family tree is a better fit to the genetic findings of the Hawass study.