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DC pension governance

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The Professional Pensions July special DC supplement quotes my view on goverance arrangement for contract-based DC schemes, including the follow remark:

In the world of DC, the key issues are again asset management and investment options, but also communications and administration. A properly constituted governance committee, backed by new regulatory powers to give them real authority to force change where necessary, can offer effective and independent oversight in these areas.

Time for some focus

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Press comment in Professional Pensions

…in our experience trustees remain passionate about looking after their members; there is no reason to doubt that governance committees would be less diligent…”

DC Governance

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Comment in the special Professional Pensions DC supplement on improving governance relationships in contract-based DC arrangements.  Excerpt as follows:

Some companies, especially those which have switched from trust-based schemes to contract-based schemes, have internal groups which consider how well the contract-based scheme is being run, albeit without direct responsibility…


Applying the code

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Author of article in Professional Pensions on good governance for pension schemes and reducing risk through the development of good practices.  Excerpt follows:

The prevention of disasters is a worthwhile exercise. Viewed as a bedrock compliance regime, the codes should help to reduce the number of schemes forced into the Pension
Protection Fund. Trustees should, however, see them as very blunt tools when it comes to proactive risk management and seek assistance from a
professional guide. Indeed, the codes themselves increase the need for trustees to consider their personal exposure to risk.

Worthy of Award

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Author of September 2004 commentary for Professional Pensions summarising the contributions of a number of industry thought leaders to a survey looking at outsourced administration.  Excerpt follows:

Each of the respondents stresses the need for a partnership between TPA and client. Ash comments that “a successful client relationship should recognise that the world of administration is, and never will be, ‘perfect’”. TPAs stress partnerships to allow them to ease over these occasional difficulties. An effective contract manager will remind their TPA of the occasions when s/he has overlooked mistakes by the TPA and use it to avoid, or reduce, paying additional charges for occasional extra assistance
beyond the contract.